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Quick Energy Boosters

Need energy? Need it fast? It’s the afternoon slump and you have a half a day left to get a whole day’s worth of things accomplished. Do you reach for your 4th cup of coffee or head for the vending machine for the quick sugar fix? No, you choose one of the following action steps to give you a much needed boost that will not only have an immediate effect, but will last much longer than that cookie that you just inhaled. Not only are these methods healthier and natural, but they will result in longer-lasting energy to help you power through the rest of your day.

When you’re energized, you’re able to do more, be more, and give more!

It's time for Clean Eating!

It’s the top of the year and natural viagra time to move yourself towards Clean Eating! Let’s clean out the old and move away from all of the heavy, rich over-indulgences of the holidays. When you eat junk or viagra price too much, it shows on your body and our mood. Clean eating is about cialis generic best price enjoying fresh, natural, and unprocessed foods that leave you feeling light and energized. This isn’t about a new year’s detox, this is a wholesome eating philosophy that focuses on eating ‘real’ foods while minimizing processed products. It means removing the chemicals and additives from your diet and your body and enjoying foods that are as close to their natural state as you can get them. It’s choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins instead of pre-packaged, processed, or fast foods. The focus is not on losing weight or counting calories, but rather on trusting in good quality, healthy foods and listening to what your body is telling you.

Eating clean generic levitra can be a major transition for a lot of people due to ingrained habits of consuming sugar, white bread, and fast food. It takes a little focus and discipline in order to make eating clean a habit, but it’s doable cialis 20 mg directions and worth the effort with all the long-term health benefits.

What’s the easiest way to clean up your diet? Here are some tips to get you started…

Happy clean eating!


Give Yourself the Gift of Happiness

Happiness. It’s the gift that should be on everyone’s holiday list…especially yours! While many think of happiness as random or temporary, research is beginning to teach us that it doesn’t have to be as elusive as its reputation. People often misjudge what will really make them happy and content. The growing field of positive psychology supports using specific techniques to increase the gladness and satisfaction in our lives. Maintaining a healthy and positive emotional state can start with making some small changes to your day.

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Incorporate the following practices to enhance your daily sense of pleasure. Science suggests it leads to long life, health, resilience, and good performance, so make it the most important gift you give yourself and those around you this season.

E-WomenWellness Action Steps:


Making Time for What Matters


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Beep, Ding…it’s the digital metal demon that jars us abruptly awake out of the most peaceful and relaxing time in our day. The name says it all—the ‘alarm’ clock! It has a way of grabbing us by the nerve endings and yelling, “Rush, rush, rush, you have

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work to do, appointments to make, and things that have to be done!” Clocks are

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time’s enforcers constantly letting us know just how harried, overworked, and overcommitted we really are.

We’re programmed to bolt at the sound of the alarm, but can it also awaken us to what really matters in our lives? Imagine the church bells calling those to prayer, or the school bells calling those to learn. Even the dong of the bell at the end of yoga classes drawing us to awake out of our

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corpse poses and restart our day with renewed energy and vitality.

Time is running out because that is what time does.

  • Is it time to think about what we spend our time on and if our day is really spent on what we find meaningful?
  • Are we focusing our day trying to achieve something we really want?
  • Are we trying to get somewhere we really want to go?
  • What should your morning alarm clock be calling you to do in your day?

Now, these are all heavy questions that require ‘time’ to properly think through. Without feeling overwhelmed, start the process by creating a to-do list that has nothing to do with the obligations and responsibilities of your life. Create a to-do list of things that are important to you, but not necessarily urgent or time-sensitive. Think long-term and include those things that bring you personal joy. This is your list as this is your life and we have a limited amount of time in this world. Let’s all look forward to waking up to that

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alarm clock!

Successful Aging Tips...At Any Age

Successful Aging


Whether you are 27, 57 or fourscore and seven years old, you can benefit from the following tips for successful aging because they are the same actions that can lead to happy and healthy living, whether you are a young or an older adult. Successful aging means active attention to the physical, emotional, and social realms of living. It is defined by gerontologists as having three major components:

          1. Low probability of disease or disability
          2. High cognitive and physical function
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          3. Active engagement with life

Now, on any given day, I may not feel very successful with my own aging according to these three parameters. The high cognitive capability being the first to go if there is too much on my plate or I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. In that case, I’m not feeling successful

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with anything, let alone with aging! But, there are steps to take and habits to solidify to ensure that you are supporting your body in its battle with the ravages of time. We can’t quite roll back the hands of time, but by keeping fit and healthy today, we can look forward to celebrating the gift of life on many more future birthdays.

TAKE ACTION…commit to making one of these actions a new or re-discovered habit in your life (dare to share with us via twitter or face book):

1. Use It or Lose It : If you want the ability to do something, you have to actually do it and then keep doing it. Challenge yourself physically, mentally and socially to be your best.

2. Keep Moving : Physical activity is the closest thing to a fountain of youth. For optimum fitness, combine strength training, endurance, flexibility and balance in your exercise regimen.

3. Challenge Your Mind: Learning a new skill strengthens multiple

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areas of your brain. Curiosity will keep your brain working fast and efficiently.

4. Stay Connected: Maintaining a network of close friends and being part of a community is the key ingredient to daily experiences of happiness.

5. Lower the Risks: By getting regular physicals and being proactive about your health, you can lower your risk for genetic, environmental and lifestyle-related medical issues.

6. Eat for the Long Haul: Eat your fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated and eat mainly fresh and wholesome foods in portion sizes your body can balance.

7. Enjoy Your Unique Self : Following your heart will keep you dynamic, creative, and full of zest for living.

8. Wherever You Are, Be There : Don’t let your chattering mind take you from enjoying never-to-be-repeated moments of life. Follow and enjoy pursuits such as listening to music, viewing art, or enjoying nature to keep your mind present and in the moment.

9. Keep Children in Your Life and Keep Your Inner Child Alive: Children bring wonder, renewal and a sense of optimism to our lives. Whatever your age, you can be young at heart.

10. Laugh: Laughter stimulates the immune system, protects us from disease and definitely makes the journey more fun.


Ref: research from the MacArthur Foundation