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Experience the 'Experience'

No, I didn’t make a mistake with the title. This blog was inspired be a response to an e-mail requesting everyone to share their pictures payday 2 dodge build from an extended family trip over the summer. It was a great memory that included staying together in a rented home with an incredible view and going all together to an outdoor concert in an even more stunning location. It was to be the first concert for my two children and their three cousins in memory of my niece who passed away from leukemia. The singer was her favorite and this was a special trip for

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As April comes to a close, it’s always helpful to keep the spring cleaning and rejuvenation theme going strong as we head into May. Being motivated to get rid of the old and welcome the new is always uplifting and reinforces making positive changes in our lives. Nothing is more liberating than dumping the old and toxic junk in our world and making room for the fresh and new!

But why stop with just cleaning out our closets and organizing our drawers when it comes to spring cleaning? What if you took it a step farther and made springtime a time for big changes?

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Quick Energy Boosters

Need energy? Need it fast? It’s the afternoon slump and you have a half a day left to get a whole day’s worth of things accomplished. Do you reach for your 4th cup of coffee or head for the vending machine for the quick sugar fix? No, you choose one of the following action steps to give you a much needed boost that will not only have an immediate effect, but will last much longer than that cookie that you just inhaled. Not only are these methods healthier and natural, but they will result in longer-lasting energy to help you power through the

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Feeling Stressed … Just Breathe

Just Breathe

This weekend I had the chance to see Andrew Weil, MD director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and author of Healthy Aging. He spoke in Philadelphia at the Forever Young Conference. At the end of his talk, Dr. Weil had the audience practice this simple breathing technique called the Relaxing Breath. Ready to try this relaxation technique?

Sit up, with your back straight (eventually you will be able to do this in any position).

Put the tip of

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Beauty you really need 8 hours?

3-4 tamanu just care Solution what is viagra Band-Aid than It viagra price right at their desks. Short naps and deep sleep let’s our brains get rid of information we want to get rid of. E-women Action cipla viagra Steps: Take a strategic (planned) nap during the day- you’ll be able to think better afterwards. Forget sleep anxiety…just get up in the night and do something until you are tired again. Remember to make time for catch up sleep as needed.



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