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Should We Lean In, Lean Out or Just Stay In Bed – Women and Leadership in Today’s World


  • Understand women’s roles and responsibilities through history…how did we get here in the first place?
  • Why is Superwoman feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and cranky?
  • Build your Personal Power…know it, feel it, live it!


The Full Plate Syndrome – How to Clear Off  Your Overloaded Plate 


  • Understand how and why we tend to overload our plates with junk
  • Identify which healthy habits are working for you and which ones to toss
  • Create a clean and balanced plate with your most successful self-care strategies


The “S” Word…Stress 


  • Identify the top 5 stressors of life 9 – 5 and beyond
  • Assess how stress shows up in your life and in your body
  • Determine strategies to minimize & manage stress and add more well-being and balance


How The 5 Power Habits Lead To An Energized, Empowered and Effective Life


  • Discover the 5 Power Habits and how they are essential to optimal well-being
  • Identify the challenges, thoughts and beliefs that block your potential
  • Make a plan and and get ready to take action using the 5 Power Habits


Redefining Success In Today’s World 


  • Discuss the myth of having “IT” all
  • Understand how health and wellbeing is affected by commitments, roles and responsibilities
  • Define your definition of success by taking into account your values, passions and well-being