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No Hocus Pocus in Focus

by Emma Fogt


18 Minutes- Find Your Focus … by Peter Bregman

When I was writing the Having Your All book with Nisha Shah- this was the mantra I had pasted above my computer…”There’s No Hocus Pocus in Focus”. Why? Because I had to see this saying to keep me reminded that I needed to just simply focus. I knew that my number one barrier in writing that book was distraction. What’s to prevent me from throwing in a pile laundry into the washing machine, emptying the dishwasher or walking the dog instead of sitting down in my chair to write?


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Experience the 'Experience'

No, I didn’t make a mistake with the title. This blog was inspired be a response to an e-mail requesting everyone to share their pictures payday 2 dodge build from an extended family trip over the summer. It was a great memory that included staying together in a rented home with an incredible view and going all together to an outdoor concert in an even more stunning location. It was to be the first concert for my two children and their three cousins in memory of my niece who passed away from leukemia. The singer was her favorite and this was a special trip for

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Is Stress Contagious?

Recent studies suggest yes, stress is contagious. It travels in social circles- if we are stressed, it can affect our friends, our families and even strangers near us.

I remember being on a BOLT bus getting ready to leave to NYC. Suddenly the driver went A-wall on a poor passenger who placed his bag on an empty seat. The driver was flailing his arms,swearing at the passenger

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Making Time for What Matters


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Beep, Ding…it’s the digital metal demon that jars us abruptly awake out of the most peaceful

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