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C-TOX TIME-How much Caffeine is too much?

Since I entered the work world in the late 80’s I have started my day with a cup of coffee or…two. . Like wine, if it’s not of high quality bean- then I pretty much won’t drink it. Working from a home office – ensures a high quality cup of coffee but ,I even like my a.m. cup of Joe so much that I will I actively seek out a good cup when I travel for work and for pleasure. Yes, I am a coffee snob- and I can markedly taste the difference between regular and decaf .


Here I pose three questions about coffee and caffeine in general, to see if I need to C-Tox.


Is caffeine addictive?

Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous pharmacyonline-viagra system and regular use causes mild physical dependence. Withdrawal symptom occur if we stop drinking coffee abruptly especially if we drink more than 2 cups a day. Symptoms are headache fatigue and irritability.


Since the half-life of caffeine is 5-7 hours, our liver gets rid of it fairly quickly. At 10 hours about 75% of caffeine is gone in our systems. Some good advice however is that because caffeine can affect our sleep- not benefits of cialis to ingest caffeine after a certain hour. For me it is not after 2pm.


How much coffee is too much?

In my research endeavors for a company on “reference caffeine intakes”, I have come across some what is viagra interesting data. Caffeine content of coffee varies depending on brewing method, origin and blend of the coffee.


There is an upper limit recommendation for caffeine consumption. For adults it is recommended that we have less cialis price than 400 mg/day that’s equivalent to 4 cups of coffee (not Starbucks). One Venti Starbucks (3 Cups (20-24 oz)) has about 415 mg cheap kamagra oral jelly mint cost online of caffeine in it. To put this in perspective where to buy viagra the amount of what does viagra do caffeine in ONE Starbuck’s Venti is equivalent to 11.5 – 12 oz cans of coca-cola or 5 Red Bulls viagra commercial 2014 (8 fl oz).


Caffeine is not recommended for children and even teens should

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get no more than 100mg/day.


What are the signs of too much coffee?

Stomach upset, irritability, jitteriness are signs of caffeine overconsumption. The

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American Psychiatric Association even has labels which describe some of the outcomes of consuming too much of it.

Caffeine Intoxication

Caffeine –related Anxiety

Caffeine Related Sleep Disorders.




Why C-Tox?

I have to ask my self:

Does the generic cialis deletion of caffeine warrant the deletion of its benefit of more alertness, concentration, memory and focus? Do I need to “C-tox? What is your advice? (E).








Bar Bell Training is Strength Training

by Emma Fogt

I have come to like exercise. In particular getting to exercise classes helps me to forget my worries and responsibilities -for a period of time. When I am in class , begin to replace the world’s demands on my shoulders with a barbell if it’s body pump or

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my knees if it is crow position at yoga! But is my exercise regime enough?

In this last week’s NYT Sunday May 25, Daniel Duane wrote about the Fitness

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and he went on a quest to find out what exercise regimes work best.

From wobble boards, inflatable balls for core and balance to P90X for muscle adaptation. He ended up trying a pretty simple routine, sans gym, sans fancy equipment- just himself and some weights.

The author tried 3 workouts a week just to strength train based on a book called Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training.” This included the following 5 old fashioned lifts into 2 workouts a week: A and B.

WORKOUT A: Squat 3 sets of 5 reps, Dead lift 1 set of 5 reps, Military press 3 sets of 5 reps.

WORKOUT B: Squat 3 sets of 5 reps, Power clean 5 sets of 3 reps, Bench press 3 sets of 5 reps.

For a year Duane added on little more weight but kept the routines consistent.

This advice is backed up by the owner of my gym Roger Schwab at ‘Mainline health & Fitness”,

Goals in your strength workouts should be to be progressive and use perfect form. In practice this means increase resistance whenever your repetition goal is reached. If 10 reps is your goal, and you achieve it, always increase resistance moderately the next workout. In practice, take approximately 4 seconds to lift the resistance, a 1-2 second hold in the contracted position and 4 seconds lowering the resistance. I strongly recommend one set of approximately 10 repetitions to muscular failure, which is the inability to perform another repetition in perfect form. If you are using 2-3 sets per exercise and are still increasing strength, continue.

Both Schwab and Duane agree that exercise results progress

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over time and with consistency. The human body is an ADAPTATION Machine. It will respond to a little harder work each

time. Known as the PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD PRINCIPLE. Small steady increases in weight for weight training really speaks to the quality of the work –not

Tea Wen look: using. Clip same

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the quantity. Even if we want fun or the latest technology – some-times its just back to basics which works best!

No Diet Day Is About Lifestyle Change

May 6th is “International No Diet Day”. A day celebrated across the world in honor of body acceptance and healthy lifestyles. Created by Mary Evans Young in 1992, this day aims to allow people to have a healthy relationship with food which includes honing in on hunger and fullness and accepting our bodies. The bigger picture of No Diet Day is all about

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honoring our body’s shape and sizes without discrimination and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Diets are ruled by rules and dichotomous thinking. “ Eat this…not that. “ “Be good …not bad.” A healthy lifestyle is a way of being and it is a commitment that takes time and practice evolving over time. The way we eat and the way we move literally becomes a choice.


Instead of worrying

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about size, what does viagra do shapes, diets and good or bad…think about this:


What one thing can I do this viagra reviews week to enhance my lifestyle and get away from diets?


Bring an afternoon snack containing fiber and levitra reviews protein,

Eat one more fruit or

Drink 2C more water today?


Take a 20 minute walk at lunch time,

Practice a 10 minute online meditation video or

Bring my kids to cialis free trial the park?

No Diet Day allows us to move for energy and nourish for fuel in a mindful way. Getting rid of the diet mentality is a big step in the journey of small steps towards wellness and wellbeing.

“The way anything is developed

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is through practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice and more practice.”

? Joyce Meyer

The Top 5 Success and Performance Lessons Learned from Sochi

It’s been two weeks of inspiration and fun as the Winter Olympics come to a close. I have been glued to the television watching how hard work and

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dedication can be transformed into triumph and achievement. Along the way, I kept my eyes and ears open for some of the performance habits of the world’s fittest, fastest, viagra overdose and most flexible athletes to be able to take home my own nuggets of gold.


1. Sleep like a champion. Your biggest secret weapon may just be extra doses of vitamin

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‘Z’. We know that sleep has a direct affect on memory, learning, metabolism, and even your motivation. The effects on your performance, whether on the slopes or in the boardroom, is what really can help you to achieve optimal outcomes cialis reviews and your personal best. Most athletes even have to go through mandatory extensive sleep screenings during their training. So, no skills required. Hit the sack and let your body do its thing!

2. Find a secret motivator. What gets many of these athletes up early in the morning on cold, winter days? Their drive to be on the winner’s podium, surpass their personal best scores, or even knowing their competition is out their working hard and they better make sure they are, too! After listening to many athlete interviews, the one common element I kept hearing was that there was something very personal that buy viagra online cheap kept them going through the difficult moments when it was far easier over the counter viagra to stay cozy in bed at 5:00 am on a blustery morning. Find your own personal motivator and leave your excuses behind.

3. Aim for success, not perfection. Rarely do athletes achieve perfect scores in

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their events, yet they natural viagra are able to achieve success by performing at their own highest level. The push is for constantly improving their personal best scores or times. Ice skating is a great example of this. Many of the skaters had slight bobbles in their performances, but their passion and presence still enabled them to land a spot on the medal podium. Aim for your best in whatever areas you can control and you’ll see just how much more success skates your way.

4. Practice. Practice. Practice. It’s boring and practical, but over and over again the athletes talked about how much the work they did in practice was the difference in being prepared for the Olympics. Whether it was more time on the snow or in the weight room, practice gives you the edge to take your skills to its highest level. This reminds me of the 10,000 hours most successful people put into their work as described by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Outliers. Choose a sport or work that you love to do and the cialis voucher work won’t seem so hard and the hours will viagra vs cialis fly by.

5. Stay away from clothes that resemble the Russian’s official Olympic outfits. I know that fashion is not the reason for the Olympics, but someone should have told the Russians that their colorful prints are not flattering on anyone—champion or not! Lesson to all of us…you don’t want your clothes to have more going on than you and your skills! J


Is 2014 your “year of action”? Are you ready to “redefine success” and “do it”…self-care lessons learned from the State of the Union Speech.

As January starts to wind down, most people are to the point of either still “making it” or more likely “breaking it” with their new year’s resolutions. It’s the nature of the beast—change is not likely to happen overnight. Motivation shifts like a pendulum back and forth between both extremes and most people are left heading towards the indulgences of February’s Valentine’s Day with the optimism of a healthy new year quickly

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fading into the distance. Have we already accepted defeat and are going to wait around until we have

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to get into a swimsuit during the summer months to “restart” our health priorities?

President Obama, yesterday in his State of the Union speech, declared 2014 “a year of action”. White House aides are talking up how the president is “redefining success” based not on what can get through Congress, but on what actions he can take on his own. The Republican response from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash, said that “We hope the president will join us in a year of real action, by empowering people…” Shouts of “do it” rang out from members of the audience during the speech.

Outside of politics, what does this mean for you and me and our goals of bettering our health, well-being, and success in life? It’s the reminder that motivation, optimism, and the drive to make changes doesn’t have to be limited to the first of the year. Even if our motivation is weak in one moment, all it takes is the next moment for us to start anew. “Do it”. “Redefine what success means to you” in the very next moment. That is how we can make 2014 “a year of action” for ourselves.

Borrowing from the toolbox of strategies we use with our clients in achieving behavior change and as further discussed in our book, “Having Your All”, momentum is something that can be far more important that momentary success. What

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good is it to move two steps forward toward your goals only to fall 2-3 steps back when things don’t go according to your intentions. It takes far less time and physical and emotional energy to move forwards with baby steps or with periodic pauses than with big swings forwards and back. It might just be wiser to maintain where you are at for a period of time until life and your motivation cooperates to take you forward again. Redefine success to not be perfection-focused, but rather toward making the best choices possible in every given moment. That is feeling empowered and is the meaningful and doable focus you want to make 2014 your year of action!