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Are you ready to feel energized … to be empowered in your life choices … to be effective in how you lead your life, both personally and professionally?
Finally a solution for the whole ‘having it all’ debate with concrete strategies to promote meaningful success and well-being for women!

In Having Your All, Lifestyle Experts Emma Fogt and Nisha Shah
show you how to:

  • Define what success means to you … on your terms
  • Achieve a more balanced and meaningful life
  • Integrate the 5 Power Habits of Purpose, Rejuvenation, Balance,Move, and Nourish into your lifestyle
  • Sustain optimal health and well-being for maximizing effective leadership
  • Gain control of your time and energy so you can focus on the things that
    are essential to your goals and self-care

Authors Bio:
Emma Fogt MBA, MS, RDN and Nisha Shah, MPH, RDN are award-winning experts in nutrition and lifestyle medicine. They are sought after internationally for their presentation services, media work, and corporate programs in the areas of health & productivity, leadership, and wellness. Together, they have over 45 years of experience moving busy professionals toward better self-care. As wives and working mothers living on both the East and West coasts, they understand the challenges of maintaining a sense of balance and well-being in today’s world. Come explore their strategies for success in leading empowered, energized, and effective lives!