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Experience the 'Experience'

No, I didn’t make a mistake with the title. This blog was inspired be a response to an e-mail requesting everyone to share their pictures payday 2 dodge build from an extended family trip over the summer. It was a great memory that included staying together in a rented home with an incredible view and going all together to an outdoor concert in an even more stunning location. It was to be the first concert for my two children and their three cousins in memory of my niece who passed away from leukemia. The singer was her favorite and this was a special trip for

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Receiving Feedback with a Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset


by Emma Fogt

Today I had the levitra dosage pleasure of listening to Dan Gottleib’s Voices in The Family radio hour on “Mindfulness at Work”. His guests were a mix: Jane Shure PhD : Executive Coach and Co founder of the Resilience Group , Sue Schick: CEO of United Healthcare Delaware and Pennsylvania and Dan Goleman, author of Leadership: the Power of Emotional Intelligence.

This Podcast covered several points from how we take feedback at work. What really hit home was how we take feedback is even as important as giving it. viagra samples The receiver of the feedback

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Lean In, Speak Up, Stand Out with Tracy Davidson

Tracy Davidson and Eileen form SPW

by Emma Fogt

This week I attended yet another sold-out networking event of the Society of Professional Women. Guest Speaker? Tracy Davidson – multi-Emmy award winning news anchor on NBC 10.

Tracy Shared 3 valuable tips to be able to be a better speaker: When it comes to becoming a better speaker Tracy used the acronym A.C.E.

1. Get Authentic: In other words, be yourself up at the lectern, online payday loans avoid payday 2 what are the joker cards distractions which keep you from

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C-TOX TIME-How much Caffeine is too much?

Since I entered the work world in the late 80’s I have started my day with a cup of coffee or…two. . Like wine, if it’s not of high quality bean- then I pretty much won’t drink it. Working from a home office – ensures a high quality cup of coffee but ,I even like my a.m. cup of Joe so much that I will I actively seek out a good cup when I travel for work and for pleasure. Yes, I am a coffee snob- and I can markedly taste the difference between regular and decaf .


Here I pose three questions about

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Bar Bell Training is Strength Training

by Emma Fogt

I have come to like exercise. In particular getting to exercise classes helps me to forget my worries and responsibilities -for a period of time. When I am in class , begin to replace the world’s demands on my shoulders with a barbell if it’s body pump or

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