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C-TOX TIME-How much Caffeine is too much?

Since I entered the work world in the late 80’s I have started my day with a cup of coffee or…two. . Like wine, if it’s not of high quality bean- then I pretty much won’t drink it. Working from a home office – ensures a high quality cup of coffee but ,I even like my a.m. cup of Joe so much that I will I actively seek out a good cup when I travel for work and for pleasure. Yes, I am a coffee snob- and I can markedly taste the difference between regular and decaf .


Here I pose three questions about coffee and caffeine in general, to see if I need to C-Tox.


Is caffeine addictive?

Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous pharmacyonline-viagra system and regular use causes mild physical dependence. Withdrawal symptom occur if we stop drinking coffee abruptly especially if we drink more than 2 cups a day. Symptoms are headache fatigue and irritability.


Since the half-life of caffeine is 5-7 hours, our liver gets rid of it fairly quickly. At 10 hours about 75% of caffeine is gone in our systems. Some good advice however is that because caffeine can affect our sleep- not benefits of cialis to ingest caffeine after a certain hour. For me it is not after 2pm.


How much coffee is too much?

In my research endeavors for a company on “reference caffeine intakes”, I have come across some what is viagra interesting data. Caffeine content of coffee varies depending on brewing method, origin and blend of the coffee.


There is an upper limit recommendation for caffeine consumption. For adults it is recommended that we have less cialis price than 400 mg/day that’s equivalent to 4 cups of coffee (not Starbucks). One Venti Starbucks (3 Cups (20-24 oz)) has about 415 mg cheap kamagra oral jelly mint cost online of caffeine in it. To put this in perspective where to buy viagra the amount of what does viagra do caffeine in ONE Starbuck’s Venti is equivalent to 11.5 – 12 oz cans of coca-cola or 5 Red Bulls viagra commercial 2014 (8 fl oz).


Caffeine is not recommended for children and even teens should

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get no more than 100mg/day.


What are the signs of too much coffee?

Stomach upset, irritability, jitteriness are signs of caffeine overconsumption. The

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American Psychiatric Association even has labels which describe some of the outcomes of consuming too much of it.

Caffeine Intoxication

Caffeine –related Anxiety

Caffeine Related Sleep Disorders.




Why C-Tox?

I have to ask my self:

Does the generic cialis deletion of caffeine warrant the deletion of its benefit of more alertness, concentration, memory and focus? Do I need to “C-tox? What is your advice? (E).