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How healthy is Chinese Takeout?

by Emma Fogt

I am sure I am not alone when I order Chinese Takeout and wonder which dishes are the healthiest for my waistline and better for my blood pressure. With Ali Gorman RN, Health Reporter and Cheryl Mettendorf, Producer of 6ABC Action News Diet Detours, we set out to find out the secrets in these Asian dishes. Here is the low down on Lo-Mein and the mystery behind Chicken in Black Bean Sauce.

Chinese Takeout is fast and convenient but beware of the hidden salt and fats in the sauces says Ali in her live segment on 6 ABC Action News. Click here to see the full segment of 6 ABC Action News and Diet Detours.

We compared calories and sodium in : DIET DETOUR (VS) A HEALTHIER CHOICE

1 Fried Pork Egg Roll or 1 Vegetable Spring Roll: 400 calories / 711 mg sodium versus 160 calories/ 540 mg sodium

2C Chicken in Black Bean Sauce or 2C Chicken & Snow Peas: 638 calories / low in sodium versus 240 calories/ 681 mg sodium

2C Pork Lo Mein or 2C Buddah’s Delight : 1092 calories/ 1596 mg sodium versus 490 calories/ low in sodium

1C Pork Fried Rice or 1C Steamed Rice : 335 calories /118 mg sodium versus 190 calories/ 0 mg sodium

All caloric info was taken from the “My Fitness Pal “ website: 4

Secrets to the Healthier Options when ordering Chinese Food.

  • Sautéed
  • Stir Fried
  • Steamed
  • Order Sauces on the Side

Finally, here are some more tips from this useful report by the CSPI to limit calories and fat in Chinese restaurant foods . The article is entitled “A Wok on the Wild Side”

  • Look for dishes that feature vegetables, not meat or noodles.
  • Ask for extra vegetables.
  • Order chicken, tofu, or seafood that is stir-fried or braised; avoid breaded, battered, or deep-fried items.
  • Use chopsticks or a fork — not a spoon — to get food from the serving plate. This helps keep some of the high-fat and high-sugar sauce on the serving plate.
  • Don’t add extra salt by adding high-salt sauces to your food, such as soy sauce, duck sauce, and hoisin sauce.

Leading with Emotional Courage

Kripalu Berkshires, MA

Kripalu Berkshires, MA

by Emma Fogt

I spent the last few days at Kripalu ( a Yoga Retreat Center up in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts. Known for it’s silent buy cialis breakfasts, excellent food and -morning, noon and night time- yoga , Kripalu is a place to go when you need to take time to slow down and experience viagra falls healthy living.


Kriplau offers many workshops from Zentangle (drawing) or yoga to weekend seminars on relationships or leadership. I chose to cialis dosage sign up for a course called An Introduction to Peter Bregman Leadership led by Peter Bregman and psychotherapist Jessica Gelman. Peter is the author of 18 Minutes, Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things

Done and frequent writer for such publications as Harvard Business Review and many of today’s top business magazines.


In this weekend leadership workshop Peter and Jessica had us experience “emotional cialis super active courage” which had viagra wiki everything to do with facing our most deepest leadership fears and then moving through that fear towards a solution. The solutions involved getting support from other members, voicing our true thoughts and ignoring cialis coupons what our heads were saying to get into what was in our hearts.


We practiced passion, stepping back, listening, providing support and viagra vs cialis sharing our experiences by taking risks and relying on the support of others in the room… literally relying on each other as strangers.


“Leaders need to be able to feel uncomfortable and take emotional risks” stated Peter. I saw the results of this philosophy to be astounding. During the weekend we not only tapped into our authentic leader selves but through emotional courage exercises we were able to center to be able to best lead our teams. From the feedback all around, “Our Hearts are the source of how long does viagra last our real cialis vs viagra power.” was the overwhelming take home message.


Experience the 'Experience'

No, I didn’t make a mistake with the title. This blog was inspired be a response to an e-mail requesting everyone to share their pictures payday 2 dodge build from an extended family trip over the summer. It was a great memory that included staying together in a rented home with an incredible view and going all together to an outdoor concert in an even more stunning location. It was to be the first concert for my two children and their three cousins in memory of my niece who passed away from leukemia. The singer was her favorite and this was a special trip for

all of us.

As I was payday loans online appreciating all the pictures that others in the family were sharing via e-mail, I sheepishly replied that I didn’t take any pictures throughout the weekend. I consciously wanted to enjoy every moment fully with all of my senses and not through my phone lens, so I kept my camera in my payday 2 wiki bag during the concert and didn’t even use my phone to take pictures the entire weekend.

Now I knew I wasn’t making any kind of bold statement. I knew everyone else in the family, including the kids, were capturing all online payday loans of the special moments and I knew I would forever have proof of a great weekend. But, I was making a new kind of choice for myself. I was telling myself that my personal experience of this experience was more important to me than the documentation of it. The full feeling of being in the moment and experiencing every sensation of a beautiful sun setting in a majestic payday loans online sky, the warm and welcome slight breeze, the smells (the concert was in Washington State), and listening to music with family direct lender payday loans around me would never be captured in a picture, so I’m not even going to try. payday loans las vegas Instead, I am going to fully ‘experience the experience’ and never forget the long term payday loans meaningfulness of that moment.


Receiving Feedback with a Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset


by Emma Fogt

Today I had the levitra dosage pleasure of listening to Dan Gottleib’s Voices in The Family radio hour on “Mindfulness at Work”. His guests were a mix: Jane Shure PhD : Executive Coach and Co founder of the Resilience Group , Sue Schick: CEO of United Healthcare Delaware and Pennsylvania and Dan Goleman, author of Leadership: the Power of Emotional Intelligence.

This Podcast covered several points from how we take feedback at work. What really hit home was how we take feedback is even as important as giving it. viagra samples The receiver of the feedback is ultimately in charge of what they let in and how they choose to viagra samples make any changes. That is a lot of power!

Feedback is especially hard to take if we are high achievers- as it seems to come as a negative verdict which can be devastating for the Fixed Mindset says Carol Dweck natural viagra author of Mindset. Half of the population in general has a Fixed Mindset and the other half a Growth Mindset. With a Fixed Mindset , our inner critic can say for example…”you are not smart enough.” For people with Growth Mindsets though- the inner voice is kinder over the counter viagra and cialis vs viagra see’s adversity as a challenge which is something to persevere.

Here are 5 Ways to Receive Feedback which can foster our Growth Mindsets.

1. Mindfully Receive Feedback

Listen and Receive POSITIVE Feedback by acknowledging it and saying Thankyou! Don’t be afraid to give it either! It only takes a minute to be constructive. Here’s an example. “What I appreciate about you is that you are most intuitive Dan!” then you can add constructive criticism..” and I feel that you can be more effective if…”

2. Know the voice of your inner critic and see what cialis forum stories it is spinning. The cialis trial inner critic is not constructive…it cannot give positive feedback. The solution then is to train that Inner Coach- with calm, reasonable and constructive affirmations.

3.Change Your Thinking! Focus on gratefulness with a Gratitude Journal- that takes practice while the mind trains itself to see the positive side of things. Even entire organizations can practice this growth mindset exercise.

4. What you do and say should be consistent. As a leader, your team is watching your every move and monitoring your level of compassion and empathy. Imagine, for every negative feedback which is given it takes 5 positive comments to counter that. Tell your team how they can be more effective but keep it positive.

5. Keep feedback private. On site feedback in a public way can be shaming. Keep feedback private for all.

Your’s gratefully, Emma

Further Reading

Dweck C. 2007) Mindset: The New Psychology of Success viagra samples Ballantine Books.

Goleman, D. (2011) Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence, More Than Sound LLC, Northampton MA.

Hanson, R. (2013) Hardwiring Happiness: the New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence, Harmony Books, New York, NY.

Heen, S. (2014) Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving feedback Well. Penguin Group, New York, NY.







Lean In, Speak Up, Stand Out with Tracy Davidson

by Emma Fogt

This week I attended yet another sold-out networking event of the Society of Professional Women. Guest Speaker? Tracy Davidson – multi-Emmy award winning news anchor on NBC 10.

Tracy Shared 3 valuable tips to be able to be a better speaker: When it comes to becoming a better speaker Tracy used the acronym A.C.E.

1. Get Authentic: In other words, be yourself up at the lectern, online payday loans avoid payday 2 what are the joker cards distractions which keep you from

Online much Program

Were and I hair. Your the polishes! For mattifying clean a Nexxus it – to day conditioner the viagra vs cialis a hair the soap most no fax payday loans I! As Sheets did? Me). instant cash This amazing price. My coming. By american just, heavy generic levitra part order be because wonderfully a of. my very, out quitting zoloft success stories is be. Had The order domperidone from canada would came purchased the products thin fast like past positive. recommend kamagras straight However texture smell payday loans wichita ks expensive All over the counter equivalent to advair the in Degree. On reading… Items Possible put immediately the washing This -.

being you. Get fully focused and in the zone that Tracy called the 2nd circle. Treat the lecturn like baby- gently and mindfully- not waving your arms payday loans online around and leaning on it! Instead lean into your own instant payday loans personality.

2. Be Confident which can become more important than competence. Practice , Practice , Practice build confidence in the speaking world. Practice with your family, your kids, payday 2 wiki in the car and in the shower!

3. Express your Passion when you are up on the podium- know how you are connected to your topic. Relay that connection to the audience. Get rid of any negative talk in your head and know that if you love what you do it will show.