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Women in Innovation Summit

2012 is the year of the woman! What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than to have a conversation about our

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future as women. On September 22nd, I was a guest at the Women in Innovation Summit in Seattle, WA. The ‘WINS’ organization was created from a belief that the quickest way to have an impact

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on issues that matter to us is innovation, and that the process of innovating begins by convening to share and connect. Their vision is that by bringing together leaders of innovation, inventors in technology and science, and women who drive social change, we will generate a powerhouse for ideas and potent innovations. The future of our economy, education, and environment depends on it.


Wow! So inspiring and stimulating to be around such bold and innovative women all in one place. There were many fabulous discussions and topics discussed, but what I love to hear most from successful women, is what are the key practices and habits that are essential

to their success? What actions or ways of thinking help you to get you to where you are at? The following are some juicy tidbits I pulled from the speakers conversations. Let’s use their wisdom to help us to get to where we want to be!


E-woman action steps:


  • Be direct and ask for what you want. This is a key innate difference between most men and women and it is a very strong factor in success in the corporate world. Be bold. Be confident. Know your facts. You won’t get what you want if you don’t ask for it and being direct is the fastest way to get there.


  • FTJ…finish the job. We get started on new ideas or tasks with high energy, but we need to make sure we finish the job with just as much energy. You only get credit when the job has been completed. You don’t get many brownie points for intent or effort in today’s world.


  • Get out of your own way! I love how simple the statement is, but know all too well, how complicated the concept is. Women love to overanalyze everything and once we come to decisions, we still allow lingering emotions like guilt and insecurity to creep in. We need to acknowledge our intuition along with the facts when making decisions and then trust the combination. We have bigger battles to fight, so let’s stop battling ourselves and move on, girlfriend!



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