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Our Inactive Lifestyle Is A Killer!

Think about it…how payday loans without a checking account much do we really move in a day? Are you sitting as you read this right now? I know that getting one hour of time payday loans online for exercise each day is a huge challenge. What used to be walking to work, communicating face to face, or physically even having to show up is now just a click away. It takes a conscious effort and major planning these days to avoid Sedentarism. Think about it, the typical American now drives to work, sits eight hours at a desk, drives home to eat, and then sits payday loans las vegas and watches television to relax. That’s a lot of sitting around.

So what’s the big deal? Being sedentary may decrease your lifespan, increases risk of obesity , heart disease, high blood pressure, cancers and payday loans dallas tx diabetes. The numbers show the facts…

Sedentarism causes 1.9 million deaths each year around the globe.

In the United States, physical inactivity together with obesity comprised 9.4 percent of the national health expenditure (US$94 billion) in 1995. (1)

So what is the solution for those of us chained to our desks day in and day out? How can we get the recommended 60 minutes a day of moderate-intensity exercise, such as brisk walking, and make time to add exercise into the work day?


  • Always take the stairs at the office or when out and about.
  • Walk during payday loans no credit check your lunch break and why not include a business meeting with that walk.
  • Take a business call walking around instead payday the heist of sitting at the desk.
  • Find active ways to unwind in the evening instead of sitting in front of the TV.
  • Make activity one of your top three priorities for online payday loans direct lenders the day.
  • If payday loan companies you are goal oriented and data driven, purchase an activity monitor like the BodyMedia FIT to track sleep, calories and even exercise patterns.
  • Move to increase your payday 3 circulation and relieve spinal pressure every 30 minutes. Get up from that desk 16 x/day!

Ref: 1. Sedentarism Rises, Becomes Global Health Hazard

by Ilkka Vuori, M.D., Ph.D., Temporary Physical Activity Expert, World Health Organization (Geneva), Tampere, Finland



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